Early Learning 

Early Learning encompasses the following three programs:


A program where children aged 0-5 - accompanied by a parent or caregiver - can participate in organized sessions such as: play activities, serving a healthy snack, circle time, and gross motor physical experiences.

For more information about this program and its centre, visit the StrongStart site.

Early Learning K-3 

For more information about the latest developments in Early Learning K-3 in our district, visit the Early Learning K-3.

Ready, Set, Learn!

An early learning program welcoming three-year-olds and their families to the school system.

For more information about this iniative and its events, visit the Ready, Set, Learn! page.

Play Posters or Self Regulation Posters

To purchase these posters, please print and complete one of these order forms:

For further information, contact Gail Bogren.

For more information, contact:

Andrea hunter, Early Learning Coordinator


Learning Without Boundaries
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